FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2016

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nnnnn kids for the white house in twenty sixteen all clean one thing in common humble origins from hillary clinton to jeb bush to former hewlett packard c. e. o. carly fiorina the presidential wannabes are talking in very personal terms about their economic struggles , but of course many of them are quite rich writers political correspondent luciana lopez these narratives are very very selective so for example carly fiorina talks often about , starting out as a sucker , carrying a small real estate firm , and that's true enough but what she doesn't mention is that she did her undergrad stanford and her father was a deputy attorney general so she wasn't just some poor schmuck turn to make ends meet at the end of the month you know for example the clintons who talk about how mean bills to pay o. yeah , alright i got a paper bills we came out of the white house not only dead broke but in debt you know at this point they are multimillionaires furnishing their middle class cred makes sense is both democrats and republicans talk more and more about income inequality even though many of them skew quite wealthy but not all marco rubio has often talked about his parents who were immigrants from cuba , as father worked as a bartender his mother worked as a maid they never made it big , but they were success , for example scott walker the governor of wisconsin his financial disclosure statement from last year revealed relatively modest assets actually just made a big deal about doing things like brown bag in his lunch to work because it's , through college there is of course one exception , so the total is eight billion seven hundred thirty seven million five hundred forty thousand dollars now , i'm not doing that i'm not doing that to brag because you know what i don't have to break i don't believe it or not