FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2016

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also i stake study for greece but the prospect of a breakthrough couldn't look further away eurozone finance ministers meeting in luxembourg with little chance of striking and i need for reforms deal summer cooling at the lost opportunity to stop corey sliding into default and leaving the euro but how did the book he say it reuters senior correspondent patty graham has been crunching the numbers , about a twenty percent chance of %HESITATION of precision leaving the euro this year moving up to about a fifty percent chance of having left the university says in seventeen , equally a fifty percent chance of a default thing this year talks between greece and its leaders fell apart on sunday and there's been no give or take since , state each side ramping up the rhetoric and hardening its position , ripples of been spotted in peripheral markets like spying ireland and portugal but not socially europe's mine currency the euro itself is %HESITATION is much higher than it was about to , secure there aren't that many signs that people are really putting their money where their mouth is in terms of being worried that chris is actually going to the theater because if it did we would probably see an awful big sell off of the euro on , a top greeks negotiator has told reuters that it's ready to make concessions , pension cuts a major sticking point won't be among them , with a one point six billion euros repayments due to the i. m. f. and less than two weeks time striking a deal has never seemed so crucial