FIRST AIRED: June 14, 2015

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the united states and russia are battling it out in brazil over who gets to partner with the south american countries space program , reuters correspondent anthony bowed dell is in brazil covering the growing competition between washington and moscow for influence in the region brazil needs technological help in putting it satellites into space the kind of help the united states and russia could provide in return these countries would get access to , it's right on the equator , very desirable spot launching satellites into , that's because satellites that orbit the equator launch from brazil don't have to travel far to get into place , reducing fuel costs substantially , well bo dell says brazil has had a hard time taking advantage of that attractive location brazil has had a number of setbacks in the space program in two thousand three an explosion destroyed a rocket and killed twenty one people ending brazil's plans to build its own rockets , it then turned to ukraine to jointly build cyclone for rockets , but that fell apart after a decade of delays allegations that the united states spied on brazilian officials in two thousand thirteen push the country to pick a french aerospace firm over u. s. rival to build a satellite that will be launched by europe's arianne space from neighboring french guiana next year but ultimately brazil wants to be able to launch a satellite from contra and for that it feels it still needs a partner , sources tell reuters that brazil's government expects to decide on a partner in the coming months , and that it will depend on the quality of technology being offered and brazil's diplomatic relations with the country