FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2016

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the u. s. and its allies have killed more than ten thousand islamic state fighters in the battle to destroy isis in iraq and syria that word from deputy u. s. secretary of state anthony blink in trying to offset recent setbacks including last month study loss of ramadi in iraq the biggest coalition failure this year or in struggles following the story for reuters , ten thousand islamic state fighters killed is a big number but , number supply not the best way to look at the battlefield in syria in iraq right now on this long state is also had a lot of successes and showed a lot of staying power in every time the push back in one area such as in to create on they seem to attack in before it elsewhere blinking was in paris for a meeting of twenty countries on how to beat isis iraqi prime minister haider el abadi was there and he was quite clear in that he wants international coalition to do more , he is a difficult spot where they outgunned and outmanned the iraqi security forces once more weapons he wants more quickly he wants more targeted air strikes it was the first word an islamic state casualties since january when the u. s. counted six thousand dead blinking adding the territory and isis hands had been cut by twenty five percent since the u. s. campaign began last august but it comes amid disturbing new reports out of a body that capital of iraq's and bar province that islamic state had shut down the city's damn cutting off water to iraqi troops gathering for the economy in offensive to retake ramadi