FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2016

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nnnnn is republican governors gear up for the twenty sixteen presidential election many are highlighting tax cuts and business friendly policies but few can actually point to strong economic growth in their states i'm andy sullivan political correspondent here in washington , of all the governors an ex governors running for the republican nomination , only one rick perry of texas can say that his state has outpaced the national economy in recent years , according to the u. s. bureau of economic analysis texas is economy grew around seventeen percent between twenty eleven in the beginning of twenty fifteen well above the national pace of six point three percent over the four years but texas is the exception growth lagged in all the other states were republican governors are eyeing the white house , scott walker's wisconsin john k. six ohio chris christie's new jersey and bobby jindal is louisiana that's not stopping them from talking up their accomplishments on the campaign trail walker says his tax cuts have helped turn the tide in wisconsin well kristi says things could have been a lot worse if democrats were in charge in new jersey , now in fairness economists argue that governors only have a limited ability to shape their state's economy in the short term , things like tax cuts in investments in roads in education can take years to pay off , state economies are more likely to rise and fall based on external factors like the price of oil in the state of manufacturing but that's not going to stop these white house hopefuls from arguing that they have all left their states in better shape