FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2016

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if seventy one year old secretary of state john kerry gets a nuclear deal done with iran this month it would be a rare moment of glory in a career that has always somehow fallen short , kerry lost the two thousand and four presidential race badly to george w. bush after nearly thirty years in the senate no landmark law bears his name becoming secretary of state looked like he could give carry his spot in history but so far it hasn't reuters correspondent warned strobel while he's tried , to achieve some very big things he hasn't always succeeded whether it's %HESITATION trying to get bipartisan climate change legislation the senate , trying to forge israel palestinian peace the secretary of state or try to become president of the united states in two thousand four , so this iran deal would be area , cats don't just fall on his career but critics are blasting carries technique the rap on john kerry is that he served exudes this aaron eagerness for a deal and is ready to travel around the world at the drop of the hat to need is running counterpart traditionally you have your one person doing the day to day negotiation and the foreign minister secretary of state comes in at the last moment when they're very difficult political issues that need to be uncovered there's a woman named wendy sherman who's number three person state department who does the day to day stuff but that we've heard from a lot of people that i'm his manner of negotiating his senate undercut her in the end it is president obama and not john kerry who will make the final call it a deal meeting even this possible career milestone is ultimately out of kerry's head