FIRST AIRED: June 24, 2015

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make or break ruling coming from the supreme court as early as this week , cripple president obama's signature health law , the court's nine justices deciding whether for seemingly harmless words buried in the law established by the state should make a bomber cares low income tax credits off limits to more than six million people who bought their policies through an exchange established by the federal government the health care doc of marketplace reuters legal affairs editor joan biskupic , so the justices say no the subsidies only apply to %HESITATION insurance purchased on state exchanges and the health industry will be offended in many ways , but unlike a challenge to the law in twenty twelve this group x. says with so much at stake this one is a toss up i felt better back in two thousand twelve , when i , suspected which way they were going to tip this time around is just too close before a liberal voices on the court will likely support the law but beyond that she says there's no easy swing vote to point to , the justices heard oral arguments in early march , and the chief justice , who was the swing vote last time around simply did not tip his hand , and the other justice who we often regarded as a swing vote anthony kennedy said maybe the challengers women but then he also talked about , the chaos that can calm the one certainty this time by the end of june obamacare will have cheated death twice or be on life support