FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2016

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i think i'll try to second in command confirmed dead in the u. s. drone strike in yemen nasa outweigh high c. led the group in the arabian peninsula a charismatic leader maja hate i will hasty plotted several bomb attacks and claimed responsibility for the shoddy abdo shootings nor browning is reuters middle east correspondent i don't hate she was one of the prime organizers of the group and came from al qaeda score in the afghanistan pakistan border region , close , he is the six major al qaeda leader killed in suspected u. s. bombings this year the biggest blow to the group since bin laden's death in twenty eleven , al qaeda did not specify how or when he was killed , residents of the southeastern yemeni city of mccullough reported a suspected drone strike on friday while other eyewitnesses reported an explosion on tuesday , the pentagon declined to comment unless approval al qaeda has taken advantage of the political chaos in yemen where saudi led coalition of arab states has been bombing hootie rebels and their ally since march on tuesday u. n. secretary general ban ki moon called for a humanitarian truce that peace talks in geneva while the parties because yemen buns he told reporters diplomats and analysts don't have high expectations for the talks given that both sides , yemen's exile government in saudi arabia as well as the movies have not sent senior delegations there before the start of the talks on tuesday both sides had already dismissed the possibility of a ceasefire anytime soon