FIRST AIRED: June 15, 2015

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nmda headlines in athens paint a bleak picture extremely heavy climate allmenus forecast one reads the other simply count down , greece stumbling even closer towards a debt default after last ditch bailouts oaks collapsed on sunday both sides walking away after less than one hour of negotiate , european officials blaming green , failing to improve its reform package and close a projected two billion euro annual budget cap , germany's e. u. commissioner goon to putting %HESITATION says europe must prepare for the worst , an emergency plan a plan b. is important because from july one greece will fall into a state of emergency i think that the commission needs to work out a plan that could avert worsening of the situation in the event of greasy , u. s. r. meanwhile essence insists it will never give in to demands for more pension and wage cuts , prime minister alexis tsipras determined not to backtrack on his pre election promises , and last night and south and greece was not to make anymore concessions that and it was a london's fault for insisting on now pension , cuts that he has repeatedly said that he will not implement , but he has just over two weeks to unlock funds needed to repay d. r. m. f. one point six billion euros to avoid a possible exit from the e. u. in an interview to a german newspaper grease finance minister yanis varoufakis set a corrects it is not a sensible solution i could give %HESITATION some kind of a big city crime in the short time said it would make %HESITATION make the economy more competitive %HESITATION things to be , cheaper and i think it's quite clear that any kind of return to the dark mode and wild strong severe hardship for greeks talks will resume at thursday's finance ministers meeting in luxembourg