FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2016

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this is just days away from defaulting on its debt negotiations with its european union and i am asked to test all the country's running out of cash and if things ran fast enough consist banks are now in serious trouble idea of abington and athens where people have been withdrawing huge amounts of money because they are worried increase will default on its debts and leave the eurozone , just this week alone greeks had withdrawn over four billion euros from that banking system , economists say that greased does have a future outside here that if it returns the drop off of the long time it would do quite well that it had %HESITATION make its economy more competitive everyone agrees that in the short time that would involve a lot of hardship a lot of difficulty because greece is a fake importa it imports energy and imports medicines and so those are all m. b. things that could be hit by a fire returns to drop my could face shortages for example so it was taking that lightly i think pretty much everyone agrees that i returning to the drop my would come at a great cost , the same time there are people who feel that over the long term it makes sense for a country that does not want accept austerity anymore businesses say that there is and i'm so much worry about what will happen to grease that %HESITATION lending has dried up the parents are not lending us money anymore that %HESITATION customers a putting off spending that is a general sense of %HESITATION uncertainty that's weighing on the economy and that and this isn't really a feeling that tends , tourism operators say that they still expect huge numbers of tourists and increased its yeah especially during the summer summer season was the busy season however and their skins and that if grease just struggle if it defaulted on its debts and they were capital controls imposed then that would affect her as a tourist would not want to come it's mainly a mood of uncertainty that's been weighing on the economy and businesses