FIRST AIRED: April 22, 2017

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>> Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, former Hedge funder and big time movie producer, seemingly everywhere this week in a coming out time to the heavyweight G20 Financial Summit and this week's squirrel of meetings at the IMF. Showing his determined to make the most of his role as Donald Trump's point man on all things financial.
>> One that I hope will go down is, one of the great->> On Thursday, Mnuchin waking up markets with the promise of a sweeping tax reform plan, quote, very soon.>> I look forward to taking a hard look at the immense regulatory burden of our tax code.
>> And on Friday, appearing at President Trump's side when he signed executive orders with an eye to rolling back recent Wall Street reforms. Andy Sullivan is following the story.>> Mnuchin's emerging as sort of an explainer between Trump and the rest of the world, especially the financial world.
Trump campaigned hard against Wall Street. Mnuchin's saying, that they're committed to working within the existing regulatory framework, rather than blowing it up all together. Trump last week said that the US dollar was too expensive. Mnuchin coming out and saying, hey, hey, hey, he's not trying to talk the dollar down.
Calm down financial markets. Don't go nuts.>> Mnuchin, part of a cadre of finance oriented Trump lieutenants, pulling him away from the more ideological advisers like strategists, Steve Bannon. But on board with Trump's view that the US gets a raw deal on trade. Mnuchin last month pushing the world's top economies to drop a solemn vow against protectionism, putting him at odds with IMF Chief Christine Lagarde.
And the maker of Suicide Squad and Mad Max Fury Road, still getting the hang of government ethics rules. Forced last month to apologize after he kiddingly urged an audience to go see his last effort, The Lego Batman Movie. But the real test for Mnuchin will come when his tax plan and other initiatives head to Congress, which has so far not been in any hurry to give President Trump a Hollywood ending.