FIRST AIRED: April 25, 2017

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>> I think he's doing great. He speaks his mind.
And that's something that we haven't had in a while.
>> Matt Lester thinks President Donald Trump is doing an excellent job. The Ohio musician is one of thousands in Middletown, Ohio who helped propel Trump into the White House.>> I think they're doing a wonderful job, really, of building back the military. We've always been the best. The United States has always had the best.
We need to be the best cuz we are the best
Middletown is an economically depressed community in Butler County, Ohio. The median household income is just under $36,000. 62% of the voters cast their ballot for Donald Trump last November. With the manufacturing jobs that once supported the city all but gone, voters were excited by the candidate's tough stance on trade deals, gun rights, and immigration.
>> It is what it is for now, sweetheart.>> Dina Ware, who owns a dog grooming business, is also backing Trump. She hears the frequent criticism of Trump's fondness for Twitter.>> You're a mess.>> But says any message he wants to send is okay by her.>> If that's what he wants to do and is comfortable with it, what difference does it make?
>> Ware also chides critics of Trump's frequent publicly funded visits to Mar-A-Lago, his exclusive Florida resort.>> How can that be the taxpayer's dime? There ain't no way. No, I don't believe that. I don't believe that. He has his own money.>> Nor does she believe there's an improper connection with Russia or that Trump should be harshly judged on the failure of health reform.
>> I think he's done more in the first 100 days than any president in history.>> Scott King, who works as a quality control manager at a steel manufacturing company, says Trump deserves credit on foreign policy issues, including Syria.>> Dropping bombs and missiles and things that are going on makes me a little hesitant.
But so far, so good.>> But tattoo artist Nicky Tate, who voted for the Green Party's Jill Stein, says Trump is simply not the right person to lead the United States.>> I think his mouth might get us in trouble. That worries me.>> She's not as hopeful as others in her conservative blue-collar town that he'll bring back jobs.
Or that Middletown will ever be great again.