FIRST AIRED: April 29, 2017

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>> North Korea test firing a ballistic missile on Saturday, but according to South Korea's military, it appears to have failed. The launch defying intense pressure from the United States and China and coming just hours after US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's stern warning Friday of catastrophic consequences, if North Korea's nuclear program is not reined in.
>> The threat of a North Korean nuclear attack on Seoul, or Tokyo, is real. It is likely only a matter of time before North Korea develops the capability to strike the US mainland.>> In his first visit to the United Nations, Tillerson blamed the UN's failure to enforce existing sanctions on Pyongyang for the tensions on the Korean Peninsula that has been ratcheting up for weeks.
Reuters correspondent, Michelle Nickels, is at the UN.>> What was new that we had today was Rex Tillerson talking about the dire consequences of not taking action. He said that if the world fails to act now, we could see catastrophic consequences. Tillerson did not elaborate on what the catastrophic consequences could be and he also did not elaborate on what the military options might be for the Trump administration.
>> Washington has been looking to Beijing for help in dealing with the North Korean nuclear threat. But on Friday, Security Council members, Russia and China, pushed back on Tillerson's tough talk.>> While Washington has recently lavished a lot of praise on Beijing for taking efforts to rein in their ally, Pyongyang, China's foreign minister, Wang Yi, said today, that it's not up to China alone.
>> Tillerson saying he's open to talks under the condition that Pyongyang dismantle its weapons program first, while Beijing is pushing for talks, followed by action later. North Korea did not take part in Friday's meeting at the UN.