FIRST AIRED: April 25, 2017

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>> Apple, unveiling new plans to redesign its iconic stores Tuesday, hoping to make them places where customers not only shop for iPhones, but hang out. Apple's retail guru Angela Ahrendts, who had poached from Burberry in 2014, appearing on CBS This Morning, explaining her vision to upgrade the stores for the first time in 15 years.
>> A lot of the big online guys have said they're opening stores. Amazon's investing in stores, Google's investing in stores. Starbucks figured it out, being a gathering place, meet me at Starbucks. And I've told the teams I'll know we've done a really really great job if the next generation, Gen Z says meet me at Apple.
Did you see what's going on at Apple today?>> As part of the overhaul the Genius Bar becomes the Genius Grove, complete with indoor trees, in some of it's biggest locations. In others, hands on sessions with creative pros like RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan on the art of beat making.
And art installations like this one in Dubai, which Ahrendts tweeted earlier this month. It's all seen as a high profile test for Ahrendts, who's sounding more Silicon Valley than Savile Row these days.>> The way that we kind of talk about it inside, we say this is the largest product that Apple produces.
So if you think of it, the hardware, which is the architecture of the store. The software is what happens in the store, and how we basically turn on Apple Music and the App Store. So we call the software of the store, that we're launching the end of May, we call that Today at Apple.
>> The retail reboot comes at a critical moment for Apple, as it tries to bounce back from a 2016 slump in iPhone sales. And eyes a possible tenth anniversary relaunch of its most successful product, likely to be announced later this year.