FIRST AIRED: May 4, 2017

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>> Uber fighting for the right to continue working on its self driving car program in the latest phase of a high stakes courtroom battle with Google's Waymo. Waymo claims that a former engineer, now an Uber executive, Anthony Levandowski, took technical secrets and used them to help Uber's driverless car development.
At a hearing in the San Francisco federal court this week Waymo now seeking an injunction against Uber to shut down its self-driving program until court proceedings are over. Reuters correspondent Dan Levine was at the hearing.>> So the judge was pretty split on the issue. In court today he said that while it is undisputed that the engineer took these documents, he didn't see any quote, smoking gun that Uber had used them.
So he didn't decide, he didn't rule from the bench but he was clearly wrestling with what to do.>> Levandowski formed a self driving trucking company, Otto, after leaving Waymo,>> And Uber later bought OTTO. Experts say if it is proven that Levandowski and Uber conspired it could have dire consequences for Uber in the long term.
>> This is critical to Uber's future, both its valuation and its labor supply are really dependent on this issue of whether they can, how quickly they can get to the market with self driving cars. Uber has a hard times with turnover of its drivers so obviously if there are no drivers it solves that problem and a lot of its valuation's depending on that.
>> Uber has not denied Levandowski took files from Waymo, but said it never possessed any of that confidential information that Levandowski is accused of stealing.