FIRST AIRED: April 26, 2017

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>> French intelligences says, it was Syrian government forces that carried out a sarin nerve gas attack on April the 4th. A declassified report, revealing units loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, orchestrated the deadly assaults in the north of the country. And showing that Assad, all members of his inner circle, ordered the strike.
> We know from certain sources that the process of fabrication of samples of sarin taken, is typical of the method developed in Syrian laboratories. This method is a signature of the regime, that's what enables us to establish its responsibility in this attack. We know it because we kept samples from previous attacks that we were able to use in relevant laboratories for comparison.
>> The attack prompted the United State to launch a Cruz missile strike on Assyrian airbase. It's first deliberate attach on the outside government, in the six year conflict. The Syrian leader has said since then, that the evidence of a poisoned gas attack was forced, denying his government has ever used chemical weapons.
>> Back in September 2013, Syria agreed to destroy its entire chemical weapons program. But the report said there were serious doubts that this had happened. Listing some 140 listed suspected chemical attacks there since 2012. It says Assad's latest denials were not critical, especially given the huge numbers of casualties arriving in Syrian and Turkish hospitals, in a short space of time.
And the sheer quantity of social media posts, showing people with neurotoxic systems.