FIRST AIRED: April 26, 2017

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>> The NASDAQ composite hitting 6,000 points Tuesday. A major milestone for the tech-heavy index that took a tumultuous 17 years for it to reach after notching 5,000 at the height of tech bubble. Rutter's editor and veteran tech reporter, Jonathan Weber remembers covering the burst.>> In that period you had a tremendous kind of investor frenzy, including retail investors trying to get into the next big thing.
And driving these stocks up to prices that really even at the time were viewed as unsustainable. Now in fact there was a very dramatic bursting of the bubble that the market plummeted. And so it took a very very long time for the NASDAQ to recover to where it had been, even in 2000.
But now you have companies like Google, and Facebook, and Amazon with market caps. You know, 4 or 5, $600 billion market caps, they're extraordinarily profitable companies. So I think it's a much more kind of solid foundation really for the high stock prices.>> Google, Amazon and Microsoft all reporting earnings on Thursday in a busy earnings week.
And Weber says the growth at these massive companies shows no signs of slowing.>> We're definitely expecting very strong earnings from the big companies. Certainly Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, they've all been doing very well over the last couple of years. And we certainly think they're going to continue to do well.
>> The NASDAQ is up roughly 12% so far this year. And the results reported over the next two weeks will likely determine whether tech stocks can continue their climb higher.