FIRST AIRED: April 12, 2017

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>> US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov meeting in Moscow and there's more than a table separating them.>> Our meetings today come at an important moment in the relationship, so that we can further clarify areas of common objectives, areas of common interest even when our tactical approaches may be different.
>> This speaks for the cameras behind closed doors specific tensions over the war in Syria are likely to spill over. Russia has reacted furiously to a US missile strike last week targeting a Syrian airbase suspected of launching a chemical weapons attack. The mudslinging stepping out Wednesday. President Vladimir Putin saying trust between the US and Russia has deteriorated since Donald Trump took office, and asserting that the reported chemical attack could have been faked to discredit the Syrian government.
Across the Atlantic, one White House source has accused Russia of a cover-up. The Trump administration saying Tuesday, Moscow is trying to shield President Bashar al-Assad's government. The rhetoric and tensions being ratcheted up ahead of this face-to-face. Only a week ago, it was supposed to be about rapprochement. The keywords for the cameras here about addressing misunderstandings and increasing cooperation.
But on Syria, the pair only appear to be moving further away from each other.