FIRST AIRED: April 27, 2017

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>> British police say they've arrested a man suspected of carrying knives in the center of London. I'm Reuters reporter Mia Womensley here in White Hall, home to several government ministries where forensic teams behind me are clearing the scene. What we know so far is that a man in his early 20s was detained, as part of a stop and search operation that the police were carrying out.
It's believed that he was carrying up to three knives, a Reuters photographer said that three of them were pictured on the scene. Armed police officers immediately cordoned off the area behind me, this is as close as we're able to get. And a Reuters photographer and reporter said he saw a dark skinned man with a beard and a dark jacket, being arrested by police, with what appeared to be a bandage on his hand.
The man is now being held in a South London police station under anti-terrorism laws. Now we are standing, of course, just meters away from the Prime Minister's residence, number ten Downing Street. But we have had reports confirming that Theresa May was not in the area when the incident took place.
Behind me, you can see the men in their blue suits, scouring the ground for objects that may prove of worth in any further investigation. They've spent quite some time picking things up from the floor, taking a note of them, and placing them into their van, including what looked like a rucksack.
Police say no one has been injured, and they are carrying out an investigation currently. This incident, of course, resonating here particularly because months ago, here in Westminster, on the bridge, a British born convert to Islam, drove his car and plowed into pedestrians. Killing four people before stabbing a policeman to death at the gates of Parliament.