FIRST AIRED: April 27, 2017

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>> As you saw we posted amendment to the American Health Care Act.>> House Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday touting a new attempt by Republicans to replace Obamacare with their own plan. After party division sank their first attempt a month ago. Ryan along with President Trump catching flak that time for trying to ram it through.
Now working to get Republicans singing as one, conservatives, moderates and all.>> This amendment was the result of constructive conversations among our members to give states more flexibility and tools to reduce premiums and increased choices.>> Last time conservatives in the House Freedom Caucus broke away, saying his plan didn't go far enough to roll back Obamacare.
The new amendment put forward by moderate Pete McArthur, would allow states to opt out of many of the current requirements conservatives don't like, like covering maternity care and prescription drugs. Members of the Freedom Caucus saying they can live with that. But now it's the moderates who may be the hold outs.
Some going along, others who have been getting an earful from constituents back home fearful the new plan might force older Americans and people with pre-existing conditions to pay more. The White House has been pushing Congress to vote this week before the President Trump's 100 day milestone.>> I think the president wants a vote and wants a healthcare system as soon as possible.
>> But Ryan saying Thursday there is still no vote planned and there won't be until they has the numbers to pass the bill.