FIRST AIRED: April 20, 2017

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>> She made the decision to call an early election whilst walking in the Welsh hills with her husband. Prime Minister, Theresa May, will take Britain to the ballot box on June the 8th. And she's left everyone speculating as to what motivated the u turn Reuters UK Chief Political Correspondent Liz Piper says she clearly has a game plan.
>> Ten months into the job the person that people thought was the least likely candidate for Prime Minister has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. Many thought she was quiet, studious, diligent. Now, she's proven that she is a force to be reckoned with and will come up with huge surprises.
If she believes she's right, and she's said this on various occasions, that gives her resilience and determination. She thinks she's right. She believes she can get the best deal for Britain in the Brexit negotiations. She believes it's right to hold this general election early, and she believes she will get the result she thinks she deserves.
>> May became PM without an election after David Cameron fell on his sword following last year's Brexit vote. The 60-year-old former Interior Minister is often described as Sphinx-like in the British press.>> Theresa May herself has said her upbringing has driven her beliefs and the way she operates in government and in parliament when she was in opposition.
She has a great sense of public service. She believes in helping others. She learned that from her father, who was a vicar, and also she lost her parents very early. She's had to work alone a lot of the time. She was an only child and her motivation now is very much to stick closely to a very small coterie of people.
She relies on three or four advisors and she sticks to her beliefs. May has said she's not a showy politician and as announced she won't take part in television debates before the election. The PM says she prefers to talk directly to the electorate. She has just seven weeks to get voters on the street on site.