FIRST AIRED: April 27, 2017

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>> It may be hard to detect on the surface, but life is far from serene for Muslims living in Paterson, New Jersey.>> We cannot allow a beachhead of terrorism->> They watch President Trump and listen to his pronouncements very carefully.>> A sanctuary for extremists.>> And as they look back at his first 100 days in office, Muslim leaders here say the community remains on edge.
>> There's still the fear that this administration is very volatile and might do something overnight that we wouldn't expect.>> Omar Awad is the president of the Passaic County Islamic Center. He says many in the community are disappointed with Trump's start in office, though many are not surprised.
>> Donald J Trump is calling for a total and complete shut down of Muslims entering the United States.>> Trump had Muslims on his radar long before he entered the White House. And then as president he signed executive orders restricting travel from several Muslim majority countries. Efforts halted by Federal courts, much to the relief of those in Paterson.
>> So, what's great about this country is that we have the checks and balances, right? So, he can't just go and do whatever he wants, right, just like what we saw with the Muslim ban.>>
]>> But it's also Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric that gives Awad cause for concern.
The Council on American Islamic Relations says reports of Islamophobic profiling at airports and other ports of entry have increased by more than 1000% since Trump became president. And the City University of New York reported 60 incidents targeting Muslims in the US between the election and the end of January.
Those incidents are finding their way into conversations in Paterson.>> We found that a lot of parents are asking questions about the safety of their kids at school. Some of the issues that they were having, some of the conversations that now are taking place at schools are very alarming.
>> It's gonna get worse and worse, folks.>> But some in Paterson appear willing to give Trump a chance, or at least more time to hone his message. As Muslims and Americans, they say they are looking for a more inclusive President.