FIRST AIRED: April 18, 2017

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>> Justice Neil Gorsuch getting his first taste of life on the Supreme Court Monday, as the court heard its first cases since his confirmation by the Senate. Reporter Lawrence Hurley was in the courtroom as he made his debut.>> It was a first chance for everyone to see what he's gonna be like as a justice.
His first case on the supreme court was this case about a federal employee who left his job, and then sued afterwards, saying that he was pushed out. And he jumped right in with a series of questions after by about ten minutes, showing that he was prepared and confident and not shy to jump right in there in front of the other justices.
Like he was smiling a lot, seemed to be thinking like, I can't believe I'm actually sitting here. In the midst of it all, he showed a certain amount of politeness and deference where he kind of, a couple of times, apologized for talking for too long which is a little bit different from the man he replaced, Justice Antonin Scalia, who is a bit more aggressive and a bit more likely to step on people's toes.
Gorsuch on the court restores the supreme court's conservative majority, there are now five conservatives and four liberals. They did show this interest in focusing on the language of the law, rather than what people intended the law to mean instead he just wants to focus on what the actually words on the page mean.
The conservatives now can rule on things like voting rights, gun rights, death penalty in ways that they wouldn't have been able to do when they were short one justice.>> So help me God.>> Congratulations.>> Gorsuch now has some of these kind of menial jobs that come with being the junior justice such as holding the door open when they go in for their private conference.
And, he also gazettes on the cafeteria committee at the court, and so helps to kind of decide what food they're gonna have in the cafeteria. I think basically, he was very confident, very well-prepared, and very active, and looks like he's gonna kind of slot in very comfortably on the court.