FIRST AIRED: April 22, 2017

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You're touring the Scottish Highlands, the hills, the sky. You're about to order a whiskey cocktail straight from the source. Finally, the moment you've been waiting for, but this isn't Scotland.>> I'm Reuters Matt and I'm in an upscale bar in London where the bartenders are serving real drinks but with a virtual reality flavor.
As prices for headsets like these come down, it's becoming easier for businesses like this one to cash in. Pedro Palo, the bar manager here at the One Aldwych Hotel, is something of an artist. Order his whiskey cocktail, and you get the virtual tour as a bonus. And the headset isn't advertised on the menu, it's a surprise.
He says he came up with the idea when he saw VR headset used at a trade show.>> I thought, why don't I do something that could take a guest that doesn't have necessary the knowledge of how things come to life and give them that knowledge, give them that experience, show them how things are made.
It hit me, okay, I need to do something like that.>> Virtual reality gear carries a steep cost. The headset can easily go for several hundred dollars or more, but it is getting better. A recent industry report expects costs to decrease by 15% each year as more is invested in the technology.
Sales of headsets and the VR content now skyrocketing, the market predicted to jump from $453 million two years ago to $35 billion by 2021, and it's showing. Once confined mostly to video games in the entertainment industry, VR is now cropping up everywhere from museums like this one in the Netherlands, to brain research at the University of Seattle.
And yes, even pornographers are taking advantage of it. Pedro says he paid about a $120 for his headset. Money pouring into this technology, and businesses tasting the results.