FIRST AIRED: May 2, 2017

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>> Find a powerful->> President Donald Trump throwing Congress a curveball as they try to wrap up a budget deal Tuesday, as he calls for government shutdown this fall. I'm Andy Sullivan in Washington, where Trump appears to be having second thoughts about the bipartisan deal he endorsed just yesterday.
Saying on Twitter that the government should be shut down in September if his priorities are blocked. Trump could be responding to the widespread perception that he's getting steamrolled by Democrats and sidelined by his own party on Capitol Hill. Trump promoting the deal at a Rose Garden event on Tuesday.
>> This bill is a clear win for the American people.>> But maybe not for the President himself. The budget deal announced early Monday, widely seen as a setback for Trump. He's getting some of the additional military spending he wanted, but nothing for his border wall, and none of the deep cuts to foreign aid and environmental protection he had sought.
Republicans and Democrats, instead, opting to largely keep domestic spending intact, at least until the end of the fiscal year in September. White House budget director Mick Mulvaney.>> President is frustrated with the fact that he negotiated in good faith with the Democrats, and they went out to try and spike the football and make him look bad.
I don't anticipate a shutdown in September, but if the Democrats aren't gonna behave any better than they have in the last couple of days, it may be inevitable.>> We don't like government shutdowns, and we avoid them at all costs.>> Trump saying Republicans should expand their margins in the Senate at the ballot box, or change the rules to let the Republicans push through legislation with a simple majority.
The same way they were able to get Judge Neil Gorsuch confirmed to the Supreme Court. Senate Republican leader Mitch Mcconnell saying he has no intention of changing the rules.>> There is an overwhelming majority on a bipartisan basis, not interested in changing the way the Senate operates on the Legislative Calendar.
And that will not happen.>> Trump appears to be looking ahead to next year's battle, but perhaps he should focus on the here and now. After all, Congress still has to pass this budget deal, and he has to sign it into law to keep the government operating past this weekend.
By calling for a shutdown, he appears to be welcoming a return to the chaos that marked budget negotiations over the past few years. His party's eager to move forward, he's not making that any easier.