FIRST AIRED: April 18, 2017

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>> Don't really know.>> Donald Trump taking on outsourcing Tuesday. The US president set aside an executive order for federal agencies to help revamp the H-1B Visa program. A move to fight at his administration calls fraud and abuse in the immigration system. The H-1B program allows companies to look overseas for workers to fill high skill roles.
Think scientists or engineers, many of them are from India. As Reuters'
] reports from Mumbai, any H-1B changes will affect companies there hardest.>> Indian software services exporter use the H-1B programs to fly developers and engineers to the US to service clients. Although they've cut down on H1B applications as a stricter visa regime was highly anticipated under the Trump administration, the new executive order will increase the cost of doing business in the US and hit their profit margins.
>> Trump officials say as the system works now foreign workers are brought in at less pay to replace Americans. Data shows a majority of the visas end up awarded to outsourcing firms to fill low level IT jobs. But H1B changes would affect Silicon Valley too.>> Indian IT firms such as Star Tech Consultancy Services and Infosys will be the hardest hit.
But, it doesn't stop there. Tech giants such as Facebook and Microsoft use the H1B program to hire a part of their workforce, they will also be impacted.>> Tuesday's order will be the latest attempt by the President to fulfill his America first campaign pledges. As the clock ticks down to a 100 days in office, Trump has no major legislative victories to speak of.
Instead, he slapped down a floury of executive orders to rule out reform.