FIRST AIRED: April 27, 2017

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>> A storm cloud named Michael Flynn, still hovering over the White House. The Pentagon's Inspector General has launched an investigation into US President Donald Trump's former National Security Advisor over payments Flynn received from foreign governments. The revelation coming in a letter released by Democratic legislators Thursday.>> We have no evidence, zilch, that he obtained permission from the Secretary of the Army and the Secretary of State to accept any foreign government payments as required by law.
>> Flynn, a former general, may have broken the law by accepting payment for a trip he made to Russia back in 2015 after he left the army. He was paid $45,000 to attend the gala put on by Moscow-backed broadcaster RT. He shared a table with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Last February, Trump fired Flynn after just 23 days on the job as National Security Advisor after it was revealed Flynn misled Vice President Mike Pence over communications with a Russian official. After his firing, he raised eyebrows for retroactively registering as a foreign agent. Having taken money to work on behalf of the Turkish government, while he served as an advisor to the Trump campaign.
Democrats have seized on Flynn as an example of a Trump administration they say is plagued by conflicts of interest and a lack of transparency. Saying the White House continues to stonewall efforts to learn the truth.>> Earlier this week the White House refused, absolutely refused to produce even a single document.
Not a single document in response to the bipartisan document requests that I sent with our Republican chairman.>> Democrats also releasing a 2014 letter Flynn received, which outlined the ethics restrictions that applied upon his retirement from the US Army. Including a prohibition on accepting payments from foreign sources without permission.