FIRST AIRED: April 7, 2017

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>> Tonight I ordered a targeted military strike.>> The morning after US air strikes on a Syrian air base on response to this week's deadly chemical attack, one big question looms. Just how far into a confrontation with Syria and its top ally, Russia, is Trump really willing to go?
Warren Strobel is on the story.>> Doing something like this risks that you get sucked deeper into the morass. I think it's fair to say this potentially puts Trump and Putin on a direct collision course. They're now backing opposite sides in Syria. So one thing the Russians have already done, or announced that they've done, is they have suspended a special communications channel with the United States, which was put in place in order to avoid air-to-air incidents.
That communications channel was really important to the Pentagon. And the fact that the Russians have announced they're suspending it, raises the risk of an unintended incident between the two sides' military air forces. I think this totally changes the dynamic between Putin and Trump. Putin thought that in Trump he was going to get somebody who was, if not an ally, somebody who he could work with on a lot of issues.
President Putin hasn't gotten those sanction relief that he thought Trump might deliver and now he has targeted a long time Russian ally. Trump has changed about 180 degrees on that and I think it's gonna be rough sailing ahead for the US-Russian relationship. Look at it another way, what if Syrian president, Assad responds to Trump's cruise missile strikes by launching another chemical weapons attack?
And then comes the question, do you target Assad himself? Trump's not doing that yet, but you can very easily see that what started out as a one time strike turns into a tit for tat, what they call the escalatory ladder.>> Mr. President, what.