FIRST AIRED: April 20, 2017

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>> Electric cars may be the headliner at these years Shanghai Auto Show but there's a problem for car makers. They're just not as popular the government would like them to be. China is throwing its way behind green energy to try and deal with its pollution crisis demanding that are rising percentage of car sales have to be electric or hybrids.
And as Reuters Joe White reports, balancing what customers and the government want puts car companies in a tricky position.>> The challenge is can the auto makers not only build electric cars and electric SUVs, but sell them in the numbers that the government demands? And that is entirely unclear, because right now most consumers want gasoline-fueled SUVs.
Auto makers would really rather not have electric vehicle sales mandates, but they know that they risk a lot if they don't comply with the government rules because China's auto market is the largest by far in the world. So, they have to play a double game. They have to lobby to try to make the mandates as easy to comply with this as possible and invest in the technology to comply, no matter what.
>> Adding to the headache, China is already rolling back subsidies for green cars, which could be even fewer people buying electric. But that's not gonna stop auto makers from towing the line.>> Everybody's in on this game, the question is, who can make money? And that is not at all clear.
Ford says that by 2025 all of the vehicles that they build here will at least be offered with either a full electric option or a plug in hybrid option. But when you ask Ford how many electric cars they plan to sell, they don't really have an answer for that.
>> Insiders expect China to substantially boost EV sales requirements for auto makers by 2020. So while brands like Ford and GM fight mandates in the United States, they're also scrambling to invest in electric to keep Beijing happy.