FIRST AIRED: April 29, 2017

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>> Good evening.>> He's the White House spokesman who often seems to need a spokesman of his own.>> Someone as despicable as Hitler, who didn't even sink to using chemical weapons. I made a mistake.>> From day one, Sean Spicer has set a tone that is equal parts contentious and entertaining.
>> That's what you guys should be writing and covering.>> It's a tough job for anyone, but especially in an unconventional White House still nailing down its policies Whether it's NAFTA, NATO, immigration, healthcare, or Syria.>> The presidents very clear that he wants. It's clear and the presidents made it clear to other.
The president was clearly describing. The president's very clearly that he's worked seven days a week.>> His combative pronouncements and misfires, making him an instant fixture on SNL. Much like his boss, Spicer has gained a reputation for arguing facts. Whether it's about numbers.>> This was the largest audience to witness an inauguration, period.
>> Or calling campaign manager Paul Manafort, someone->> Who played a very limited role, for a very limited amount of time.>> Statements that invite some now infamous back and forths.>> Can you stop interrupting->> With incredulous reporters.>> We're gonna raise our hand like big boys and girls.
] You were asking me a question and I'm gonna answer it. Which is the President, I'm sorry, please stop shaking your head again.>> The press secretary often resorting to defending the President's beliefs over facts.>> The President does believe that. I think there's a belief that the President has maintained.
It's a belief he maintains. I mean->> Spicer telling Reuters, it's not the easiest job in the world.>> It's not a quiet existence. But despite a few hiccups, a hundred days and Spicer doesn't appear to be going anywhere. After all as the President says, he gets great ratings.