FIRST AIRED: April 27, 2017

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>> Uncovering the secrets of a temple constructed more than 2,000 years ago. Built by Judea's King Herod in honor of Rome's Augustus Caesar.>> I'm Reuters reporter Rinat Harash in the Israeli City of Caesarea, a historic port along the Eastern Mediterranean. Archaeologists here have unveiled a massive preservation project in what was one of the most vibrant Roman metropolises in the ancient Holy Land.
They hope to turn Caesarea into a major archaeological site in Israel, second only to Jerusalem.>> Scores of excavators and preservationists poring over the site, erecting scaffolding, clearing rubble and reconstructing ruins. Historians tell the temple towering above the ancient skyline perhaps as tall as the acropolis in Athens.
>> This is a real outstanding structure. It could be seen from distance. From distant ships that were enter to reach the shores of the Holy Land here.>> Caesarea already draws one million tourists a year. And its hope this $27 million initiative will eventually triple that amount.>> The whole experience of the visitor would be completely different.
You’ll be able to sense the atmosphere and actually to understand the essence of the building.>> The temple already giving up some long-buried treasures, including a small mother of pearl tablet engraved with a symbol of the Jewish menorah. And a variety of other ancient artifacts. Archaeologists on the dig hoping to unearth plenty more surprises.