FIRST AIRED: April 10, 2017

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>> Confirmed.>> The confirmation of Neil Gorsuch is arguably Trump's first big win as president, one of his few policy initiatives he hasn't bungled. So how did the White House pull off this relatively smooth confirmation? By going to the swamp. Reuter's Supreme Court correspondent, Lawrence Hurley.>> Instead of trying to kind of go against the grain, he kinda went with a group of operatives who've got experience of doing this from back in the administration of George W Bush.
Including a guy called Leonard Leo, who was brought into the administration from The Conservative Federalist Society, a legal group. And he has lot of experience of shepherding judicial nominations, which is a high priority for any administration.>> Of course, none of this would've happened without Speaker Mitch McConnell, who ignored President Obama's pick to fill the high court vacancy when Justice Scalia died.
Pushing that right to whomever won the 2016 election. Trump's team also tapped experience Washington players like former Senator Kelly Ayotte and White House counsel, Don McGahn, to keep the process in line. And help came from outside the government with the conservative legal group spending $10 million to sell Gorsuch like a political candidate.
>> Neil Gorsuch is a family man, a conservative->> Trump's judicial team of insiders won't stop with Gorsuch.>> This loose affiliation of people will be on board to help with other legal nominations. So we're talking about not just Supreme Court nominations but also lower courts. And that process is sort of already beginning because Trump's list that he picked for the Supreme Court, that same list can also provide him with judges for other courts.
>> There are gonna be adjustments