FIRST AIRED: April 19, 2017

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>> We will be ready to fight on.>> A novice Democrat appears to have fallen just short of winning an upset victory in a much watched Congressional race that was seen as a referendum on President Donald Trump.>> There is no doubt that this is already a victory for the ages.
>> I'm Andy Sullivan in Dunwoody, Georgia, where not too long ago, Democrat Jon Ossoff told his supporters that they had already won a big victory by defying expectations in this Republican leaning area, even though they didn't get enough votes to send him directly to Congress. Instead, he faces a run off election against Republican, Karen Handle, on June 20th.
Democrats started the evening with high hopes, but as the results trickled in over the course of the evening, it became clear that Ossoff would not get the 50% he needed. National Republican groups spent millions of dollars attacking Ossoff. Trump himself is getting into the act as well with robo calls, and twitter messages.
>> Thank you very much. Trump staying up past midnight to take credit for the result on Twitter.>> And there are thousands of you.>> With few other events on the political calendar, the race was seen as a referendum on Trump's turbulent first few months in office. Democrats are searching for answers while they're shut out of power in Washington, and they've rallied around the 30-year old documentary filmmaker.
He raised more than $8 million in the first three months of the year, and drew volunteers from across the country. A Democratic victory would not tip the balance of power in Washington where Republicans control the White House and both chambers of Congress. But it could give Democrats a much needed shot in the arm and spook Republican law makers who, as we've seen, have had trouble working with Trump on big issues like healthcare and tax reform.
Their party dodged a big bullet tonight, avoiding embarrassment, but they are gonna have to fight hard over the next two months to hold on to this seat.>> He inspires