FIRST AIRED: April 19, 2017

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>> A Brexit plot twist, worthy of a Hitchcock movie. That's EU President, Donald Tusk's take on Theresa May's decision to hold an election in Britain on June the 8th. But in Brussels the U-turn hasn't been viewed as a horror story. Reuters Bureau Chief, Alastair Macdonald is there.>> The view here in Brussels is that this brings perhaps a bit more certainty, a bit more stability to the British government.
One of the key things that's been worrying people here Is that there were so much division, not just in Britain as a whole with the referendum result last year. But inside Theresa May's own conservative party, and inside her own government. Including those who were going to be negotiating Brexit.
>> And we will be out there fighting for every vote.>> Opinion polls show May easily winning a majority in June. For the remaining 27 in the block, a stronger May is good for an orderly British departure and a close future relationship. Some hope a bigger majority will also allow her to ignore more extreme voices within her own party.
>> Can you unite the country?>> But hopes of a softer Brexit may be dashed.>> I think there is a view that Brexit will be hard, especially hard for Britain. That there will be no having the cake and eating it, as some in the British government have suggested might be possible.
What the European Union position is, is that whatever deal Britain gets, it should not be something that would encourage other countries to try and pull themselves out of the European Union.>> Even though the EU has said it would accept Britain back into the block if it changed its mind, May has insisted the process cannot be reversed.
In Brussels, hopes of a so-called exit from Brexit now look well and truly buried.