FIRST AIRED: May 18, 2017

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>> Roger Ailes, the larger than life former chairman of conservative cable channel Fox News, died Thursday morning, at 77. His wife Elizabeth, saying in a statement, I am profoundly sad and heartbroken. Roger was a loving husband to me, father to his son Zachary and a loyal friend to many.
Ailes stepping down from Fox News last year amidst sexual harassment claims. The implications of which are still being played out, says Reuters Media Correspondent Jessica Toonkel.>> So, we're looking into right now how the death of Roger Ailes will affect all litigation going on against Fox, and against Ailes.
He was named as a defendant in a number of lawsuits. One of the plaintiff's attorneys in one of the suits that representing former and current Fox News employees, said he believes it will make his case easier. That is unclear if that's actually the case. So even though Ailes will not be able to testify in cases, Ailes' estate will continue to be a defendant in these cases.
>> Ailes' five decade career included consulting for Richard Nixon. Smoothing out his rough edges for TV and helping catapult him to the White House. Later becoming the go-to strategist for future Republican presidents Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush. Ailes anointed founding CEO of FOX News in 1996.>> So, FOX lost Roger Ailes.
They've lost a number of their on-air talent. Megyn Kelly went to NBC. Bill O'Reilly has left under his own cloud of allegations. Gretchen Carlson left. So, they are a network in transition. While there have been hours here and there where MSNBC has beaten them, Fox is still leading the pack.
>> The end of his 20 year reign triggered by sexual harassment charged from anchor Gretchen Carlson. A stunning fall after a storied career.