FIRST AIRED: May 10, 2017

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>> This is the Canadian border in Champlain, New York. And this is Curtis Seymour, a Trump supporting taxi driver who works the midnight shift Monday through Saturday. In addition to his regular passengers, there's another fare he often takes.>> If we pick up a lot of refugees and immigrants going to the border, going to Roxanne road.
We get them from the bus station, or from the motels.>> As President Trump cracks down on immigration, many undocumented immigrants are fleeing northward to a country they view is more welcoming. And cabees like Seymour are often the final leg of the trip, taking them as far as he can legally go.
>> I never thought this many people would try to get into Canada. I'd never thought, it's just a lot people immigrating to another country.>> Like many cab drivers in the area, Seymour's night invariably involves at stopping at the mobile gas station in Plattsburg. Where buses drop off a mix of college students, townies, and asylum seekers.
>> But they go through a lot to get to where they're going. They're scared. They're human beings just like we are and they need help.>> On Roxham Road, the narrow space dividing the United States from Canada, is littered with items from hurried escapes. Some successful, but some not.
Despite shepherding these people in their most desperate moments, fleeing what they perceive as a hostile government, Seymour still supports Trump.>> They're afraid of Trump. I think they're afraid they're gonna be detained and deported. I voted for President Trump, I'm glad, I like him. He's a little rough, but that's what we need.
's presidential, he's doing his job. That's the way I look at it. If they're here illegally, well, try to get legal. If not, go to Canada.>> And he's happy to help them get there.>> Makes me feel good. I can sleep at night. I'm not worried they didn't get there.
I know they're there because I brought them there.