FIRST AIRED: May 21, 2017

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>> There's a great deal of expectation here in Jerusalem as Donald Trump is expected to arrive in the Holy Land. He'll be here for only 28 hours, but ahead of that visit and as part of his nine day first foreign venture. A lot of expectation is built up about whether he'll manage to take any specific steps to relaunch peace negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
And what he may do on controversial issues like moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. I am Luke Baker, the Bureau Chief of Reuters in Jerusalem. I think when the trip was announced, the hopes or the expectations, at least from the Trump side, were that this might deliver a handshake between Netanyahu and Abbas with Trump.
Or even perhaps a date to resume negotiations at some point in the future. But those prospects now look very dim, and no one really expects any specific proposal for assumption of peace negotiations. So, instead what we're really looking for here are the optics. Netanyahu welcoming Trump to Jerusalem.
Trump visiting the Western Wall, Trump visiting the Yad Vashem memorial, and then going to Bethlehem to see Abbas. And beyond those optics, no one is really expecting anything concrete to emerge.>>
]>> As soon as he came into office He promised to be the best friend to Israel.
Insinuated that he would turn a blind eye to settlement building and really looked like he was gonna be the total pro Israel president. But since coming into office some of that has changed quite substantially. When Netanyahu came to see Trump in Washington in February, Trump told Netanyahu to hold back a little bit on settlements.
And since then, he's welcomed Abbas to the White House and praised him. From Netanyahu's point of view, he's known Trump for a long time, but not as President. And since Trump has taken on the presidency, it's become, I would say, a little bit of a guessing game trying to predict exactly what Trump will say and what he wants.