FIRST AIRED: May 18, 2017

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>> The world's biggest social media network is taking a crack at America's favorite pastime. Facebook announcing Thursday, it will start showing Major League Baseball games as early as Friday. Reuters media correspondent Jessica Tunkel originally reported in a Reuters exclusive, that a deal was in the works back in February.
And says, this is a major get for Facebook.>> This is a really big win for Facebook. I mean, MLB is a huge brand. And it's like, NFL was the gold, and this is the silver. So it's great that Facebook is getting a weekly game for the next, I think, 20 weeks.
That's huge for Facebook, that's gonna be a lot of eyeballs.>> Only American Eyeballs, to be exact. Facebook's international subscribers won't be able to tune in. By turning to live sports, Facebook is muscling in on one of traditional and cable TV's lasting strongholds. Sports leagues are showing a willingness to experiment with live streaming, as younger fans shun pay TV.
Twitter and both want a piece of that market. Facebook, however, is setting its sights on more than just sports.>> Baseball's the first mainstream sport, really, that they're getting. Now they're also planning on launching a bunch of original programming, I hear, as early as mid-June. They're signing up deals with the likes of Conde Nast.
I've heard they might have signed something with Buzzfeed to launch 5 to 10-minute videos, all the way to some 20-minute videos.>> Armed with the rapid success of Facebook Live, CEO Mark Zuckerberg is pushing ahead with what he sees as the next engine of growth, professional videos. A safer bet than the shootings and violence that has often popped up on its user-based live feeds.