FIRST AIRED: May 19, 2017

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>> Verbal clashes on national television as British opposition leaders took to the stage for pre election debate. Representing their parties, the leaders of the Liberal Democrats, the United Kingdom Independence Party, the Scottish National Party, Plight Camry and the Green Party. But, there were two people, noticeably, missing, Conservative Prime Minister, Theresa May, and Labor Leader, Jeremy Corbyn.
Both had made it clear, they wouldn't taking part. The conversation on Thursday night, predictably, dominated by Brexit.>> And I want to say, to the Prime Minister. Be bold on immigration because when people voted to leave the European Union, they didn't just vote to control our borders, they voted to control immigration.
>> But other topics on the agenda included heated discussions over education, housing and the NHS.>> The coach of the people working in the National health service are from overseas, the vast chunk of which are from European union. We realize that when we refuse to give those folks in the EU to settle here with their children, not only are we doing something utterly immoral, we're doing something that is damaging our own future.
>> After much sniping, the mood was somewhat lighter into when UK leader Pun Mettle seemed to get a little confused.>> Natalie, we have a huge trading deficit with the European
].>> I'm not Natalie, I'm Leanne.>>
>> Hang on. I think that Natalie is absolutely right, what we need to do-
>> I'm Natalie.>> Call me Leanne.>> I mean, Leanne. Sorry, my fault, sorry.>> Thank you.>>
Women's names.>> You've done it twice now.>>
ve I, I'm sorry about that.>> The election will be held on the eighth of June, some recent opinion polls say May's conservatives are on course for a man slide victory.
And that labor is heading for its worst results in decades.