FIRST AIRED: May 26, 2017

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I'm Richard Browning, I'm the founder and chief test pilot from Gravity, flying our jet suit. Around 18 months ago, we had this grand vision of could you approach the challenge of human flight in an entirely different way? Very much augmenting the human body rather than putting the human in a flight machine.
And after many, many, many iterations, we've got to a pretty awesome place. So fundamentally, we've got six small gas turbines that put out a lot of power. All together they add up to 800 horsepower. We've got a fuel system on the back, big fuel bladder. And then a lot of padding cuz this journey's been all about falling over.
Not from very high, but that's how we've learned and how we've made such quick progress. It's not taken very long for my brain to start to move and adjust my arms in a way that I'm not consciously aware of. So I now just think about where I wanna go and it kinda happens.
A bit like riding a bike in In three dimensions, you do not think about leaning into the wobbles. I'd liken it to a sorta high end jet ski. I mean, what is the practical point of a jet ski? It's questionable, right? It's really about having a huge amount of fun.