FIRST AIRED: May 11, 2017

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>> Is it accurate that the rank and file no longer supported Director Comey?>> No, sir, that is not accurate.>> FBI Acting Director, Andrew McCabe contradicting the White House in dramatic fashion on Capitol Hill.>> The vast majority of FBI employees enjoyed a deep and positive connection to Director Comey.
>> I'm Andy Sullivan in Washington, where the backlash is growing over President Trump's sudden dismissal of Director James Comey during a probe of his campaign's links to Russia.>> It is impossible to ignore.>> A Senate Intelligence Committee's hearing was supposed to be about worldwide threats. But the focus quickly shifted to Comey and Russia.
Comey's replacement told Congress on Thursday that the FBI's investigation is highly significant. And that Comey enjoyed wide support from the agency's rank and file. Directly undercutting the White House reasons why Comey was let go.>> Do you commit to informing this committee of any effort to interfere with the FBI's ongoing investigation in the links between Russia and the Trump campaign.
>> I absolutely do.>> And while he is testifying, his boss, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein slipping into the committee's backdoors to meet with the top lawmakers. He's reportedly unhappy at being portrayed by the White House as the mastermind behind Comey's firing. The committee has been trying to figure out whether Trump's campaign may have worked with Russia last year.
They've gotten off to a slow start, but quickly picking up steam in the commotion over Comey's exit. Intelligence Committee Chairman, Richard Burr and top Democrat Mark Warner speaking to reporters after meeting with Rosenstein.>> Regardless of what happens by the Justice Department or rather FBI, that the investigation that's done by the Senate Intelligence Committee will continue on its current course as aggressively as we're able to.
>> Trump's standing by his decision to fire Comey in an NBC interview calling him a showboat and a grandstander.>> Across the country, 20 state attorneys general calling for an independent special counsel to minimize Trump's influence on the FBI, building on calls from Democratic lawmakers.>> Special prosecutor should.
>> Trump came to office promising to drain the swamp in Washington, instead he appears to have kicked over the hornet's nest.>> We follow the intelligence where it leads.