FIRST AIRED: May 24, 2017

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>> It should be a powerful scene. US President Donald Trump unveiling a memorial made from the shattered remains of New York's former World Trade Center at the NATO headquarters in Brussels on Thursday. A show of solidarity, but Trump's fierce criticism of the alliance in the past, despite warming in recent months, may leave some members wishing for a full-throated voice of support.
r one, the attack in New York was the only time NATO has ever invoked its mutual defense pact, an attack on one is an attack on all. Responding in force against the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, yet Trump is the only US president who have never openly voiced support of that clause, known as Article 5 of the NATO Charter, like Barrack Obama before him.
>> We've actually deployed concrete assets that let them know that Article 5 means something. And that we stand by our commitments to our allies.>> He's had plenty of opportunity, including a visit from the NATO Secretary General himself last month. Instead, voices of support came from his Secretary of Defense and Vice President.
Another issue is his repeated demand for increased military spending from most NATO members. Some analysts say that focus on money sidesteps deeper issues within the alliance. Because Europe's NATO members already spend a collective 10 times the amount on defense than Russia does.>> There has been a recalibration of priorities putting more focus on Russia, not yes that does require some extra funding.
But most of all it means taking the Russia deterrence capability seriously. In some cases re-basing, in some cases investing more in equipment programs, in R&D programs, which are relevant to our pure competitors.>> Under siege by a widening Russia scandal at home, Trump's message here will be under extreme scrutiny.
He'll complete his foreign tour with a visit to the G7 in Italy on Friday.