FIRST AIRED: May 22, 2017

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>> Bill Cosby arriving at a Pennsylvania courthouse Monday, where amidst massive media coverage. Judge Stephen O'Neill faces the challenge of selecting 12 impartial jurors, to determine whether Cosby is guilty of sexually assaulting Andrea Constant, a former Temple University basketball coach in 2004. Reuters correspondent Joseph Ax.>> Of the 100 jurors that were asked questions, 86 of them said that they had heard about the scandals surrounding Cosby and the case.
More than a third of those 100 jurors said that they had formed some kind of an opinion as a result about Cosby's guilt or innocence. And 14 of them said that they had pre-conceived notions about whether he was guilty or innocent. So all of that kind of underscores how difficult of a task it is for the judge to find jurors that are able to serve in this trial.
>> In February, the judge granted a request from Cosby's legal team to bring in jurors from Pittsburgh rather than Montgomery County where Cosby has a home and where the alleged crime took place.>> One of the interesting things is under the law, the standard is not to find jurors that literally have never heard of this.
Which in this case, would be kind of impossible anyway. But what you're really looking for, what the judge will be looking for, is jurors who he's persuaded can put aside whatever ideas they may have about the case. And focus only on the evidence that shows up in the court room.
>> Cosby's reputation as America's favorite TV dad crumbled amidst a series of lawsuits and allegations, charging him with drugging and sexually assaulting dozens of women. Some of the allegations dating back a half century. The statute of limitations expired on all of the alleged crimes but Constand's. Last week, Cosby said in a radio interview he would not take the stand.
He's denied any wrongdoing, portraying the encounters as consensual. And claiming the accuser's aim to prey on his celebrity to secure large cash settlements in lawsuits.