FIRST AIRED: May 10, 2017

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Majority Leader.>> Our Democratic colleagues complaining about the removal of an FBI Director, whom they themselves repeatedly and sharply criticized. That removal being done by man, Rod Rosenstein. Whom they were repeatedly and praised. When Mr. Rosenstein recommended Mr. Comey's removal for many of the very reasons, that they consistently complained about.
Today, we'll no doubt hear calls for a new investigation. Which could only serve to impede the current work, being done to not only discover what the Russians may have done. Also to let this body and the national security community develop counter measures, in war fighting doctrine to see this doesn't occur again.
>> There is little reason to think that Mr. Rosenstein's letter, is the true reason that President Trump fired Director Comey. Why? Because if the administration truly had objections to the way Director Comey handled the Clinton investigation, they would have had them the minute the President got into office.
But he didn't fired Director Comey then. The question is, why did it happen last night? What should happen now? What happens now, is that Mr. Rosenstein assigned a deputy prosecutor to over see this investigation. Deputy General Attorney General Rosenstein sat in the judiciary committee, and promised to appoint a special prosecutor at the appropriate time.
If there was ever a time when circumstances warranted a special prosecutor, it is right now.