FIRST AIRED: May 17, 2017

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He's one of thousands arrested since Donald Trump took office in January. Alberto Magana Gonzalez was working on a boat in California when he says heavily armed US immigration agents came for him.>> I knew they would arrest me one day.>> The Mexican native says he's been deported before.
He says he can't remember exactly, but thinks he's crossed the border illegally seven times.>> Is it harder to get across the border now?>> No, when you know the way.>> Magana Gonzalez has also served time in a US jail for burglary and domestic violence. He's just the type of man ICE says they're now targeting under Trump.
>> We are able to arrest more people if we want to. And we are making those attempts, but our focus is on criminals, right? And that's really what we're focusing on.>> But critics dispute that claim.>> They are targeting any person, any regular person, persons that are not criminals.
>> Francisco Morena says many ICE officials are using heavy-handed tactics in rounding up illegal immigrants, even law-abiding ones. And while government data indicates that about 90% of the immigrants apprehended in the Los Angeles area have committed crimes, critics point to ICE's own data which shows that about one-third of those detained nationally are non-criminal.
>> It's the trick one, in.>> As someone who's done time in the US, Alberto Magana Gonzalez fully expected the the state to come. But for others in his community those who may be here illegally but have committed no crime, Presidents Trump's campaign promises have produced a climate of uncertainty and fear.