FIRST AIRED: May 24, 2017

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>> Arrests in the UK and thousands of miles away in Libya on Wednesday, as police on two continents raced to apprehend suspects they believe are tied to a suicide bombing that left 22 dead.>>
god.>> The perpetrator, British-born Salmon Abedi, was killed in the attack on an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena Monday night.
Authorities in that city making five new arrests on Wednesday, following one the day before. Police in Tripoli arresting a brother of Abedi and his father. A spokesman for a local counter-terrorism force saying the brother was suspected of having links to Islamic State militants, and may have planned to attack the Libyan capital.
Islamic State claimed responsibility for the Manchester bombing. The bomber's father spoke to Reuters in Tripoli on Wednesday, denying his son could have been involved in the attack.>>
> The family is a bit confused because Salmon doesn't have this ideology. He doesn't believe in these beliefs.>> A short while later, the father was placed under arrest.
British Interior Minister Amber Rudd saying the bomber recently returned from Libya. A French official adding Abedi had links to ISIS and probably visited Syria as well. A source telling Reuters, British investigators are hunting for anyone who might have helped build the explosive device and who might have other devices at the ready.
The BBC reporting that security services believed the bomb was too complicated for Abedi to have built by himself. British officials have complained about leaks related to the investigation, which they've suggested have come from American intelligence. Reuters correspondent William James in London.>> One of the main things that we've had, actually from the New York Times, is a series of crime scene photographs basically, which show in great detail the backpack that was used, the suspected trigger.
A lot of details about the crime scene that normally you really wouldn't expect to see. And that will actually be something that is very frustrating to the British security services. The British Interior Minister has said that she's irritated by these leaks, because they potentially alert people to the fact that the police are looking for them.
>> The 22 victims of the bombing, including 15-year old Olivia Campbell and 29-year old Martyn Hett, along with an 8-year old girl and a Polish couple who came to collect their daughters from the concert.