FIRST AIRED: May 6, 2017

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>> The White House team entrusted with a nation's nuclear launch codes is looking for a nice apartment in Trump Tower. A letter obtained by Reuters shows the White House military office, keepers of the so-called nuclear football always at the President's side, in negotiations to lease space in President Donald Trump's signature building on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue.
Mark Hosenball is on the story.>> This football goes with the president wherever he is, if necessary to launch military attacks including a nuclear attack. And if he’s gonna spend the night outside the White House, it has to be there with him. So my understanding is is that the Pentagon is now in the process of finalizing an apartment in the Trump tower, that the leasing probably for more than a million dollars a year.
>> But the Pentagon is eager to avoid putting taxpayer money in the presidents pocket, saying the apartment is quote privately owned, and lease negotiations have been with the owners representatives only according to the letter sent to a Democratic member of Congress. Trump has come under fire for the high cost of security in and around the Tower estimated by city officials at more than $300,000 per day from the election to his inauguration.
After visiting New York this week, Trump on Friday, tweeting he's, quote, saving the country money by spending the weekend at his golf course in New Jersey, quote, rather than causing a big disruption in NYC.>>
>> Thank you very much.