FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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>> Still, further to fall for South Korea's impeached President. Park Geun-hye standing trial on corruption charges Tuesday, her first appearance in public since she was jailed in late March. She's accused of colluding with close friend Choi Soon-sil to pressure big businesses to funnel millions into a foundation. Park plead not guilty, but if she's ultimately convicted, she faces more than 10 years in jail.
However, as Reuters' Christine Kim reports, Park's defense says she couldn't have touched that money.>> Park Geun-hye's lawyer, Yoo Yeong-ha, has said today in court that there was no reason for Park to force companies to donate money, which she was unable to use for herself. The lawyer also stated there were no monetary gains Park could have possibly gained from the two foundations that were suspected to have received bribes from conglomerates like Samsung as no individuals can actually freely take funds from the foundations.
But this is only the defense talking. They have an uphill climb ahead as the prosecutors have said the charges are fully supported by material evidence and testimonies, which we will see in detail as the court proceedings progress.>> Park was impeached after months of massive protests, triggering a snap election that was won by her 2012 election rival Moon Jae-in.
Public outcry has died down, but that calm could hinge on the trial's outcome.>> They are still eager to see Park convicted, and carry out her sentence in full, if there is any. Polls have shown the majority of the public do not want to see her pardoned, should she be given jail sentence after her conviction.
The public's quiet now, but they may grow angry again, possibly come protest again in the streets, should they feel Park is given a sentence that's lighter than expected.>> Dozens of influential people have been investigated or arrested in the scandal, including Samsung leader Jay Y Lee. One of the business leaders accused of handing off money to Park Geun-hye.
The fallen president's trial is expected to last for several months.