FIRST AIRED: May 23, 2017

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>> He was only here for 28 hours but managed to whip around the key sites, repeatedly called for peace between the Israelis and Palestinians and make numerous pledges to stamp out terrorism. I'm Reuters Emily Wither in Jerusalem. President Trump has hailed this city as a place of beauty and splendor like no other.
He's calling on people to draw inspiration from Jerusalem where Muslims, Christians, and Jews pray together. Jerusalem, however, is a divided city. Earlier in the day, Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas told Trump in Bethlehem that the problem is not between Palestinians and Jews, the problem is occupation.>> We reassert our position of accepting a two state solution along the borders of 1967, the state of Palestine with the capital of East Jerusalem.
>> Israelis see Jerusalem as their undivided capital and there haven't been any direct talks between the two sides for three years. And while Trump acknowledges it's one of the toughest deals of all, he's told Israelis that the Palestinians are ready.>> I had a meeting this morning with President Abbas and can tell you that the Palestinians are ready to reach for peace.
I know you've heard it before. I am telling you that's what I do. They are ready to reach for peace.>> But it's not so much what Trump has said during this trip, more what he hasn't. There's been no mention of the phrase two state solution, Israelis and Palestinians side by side.
Next month marks 50 years since the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, has been occupied by Israel, after the land was captured in 1967. There's little hope a new US administration has anything different to offer.