FIRST AIRED: May 8, 2017

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>> As Senators take up healthcare reform this week, they're getting a taste of what may await them as House Republicans who passed their own bill last week, get an earful from angry voters back home.>> I just explained it to you.>> Conservative Congressman Raul Labrador drawing howls of outrage as he tried to defend the bill at a town hall in Idaho.
>> Nobody dies because they don't have access to healthcare.
Now it's the Senate's turn to grab this live wire. Republican leader Mitch McConnell tapping conservatives, moderates, and senior leaders to craft a bill, but all ready taking heat for not including any women. Republicans Susan Collins of Maine and John McCain of Arizona, showing little enthusiasm for the House bill.
Which would cut Medicaid coverage for the poor, and remove Obamacare's guarantee of coverage for pre-existing conditions and maternity care. House Speaker Paul Ryan and senior Trump Administration officials scrambling to sell the House bill over the weekend. Health Secretary Tom Price saying it'd make health insurance more affordable. But even some members of their own party not convinced, Ohio Governor John Kasich calling it's provisions for those already battling illness, ridiculous.
>> Motion to reconsider.>> Republicans can only afford two no votes in the closely divided Senate, making major changes to the House bill a near certainty. But the Senate changes will then have to be approved by the House, before the bill can reach President Donald Trump's desk.